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Why PRACTICES love our solution

The HourMine solution just works!

HourMine offers me the complete peace of mind in making sure I reach my patients in a timely manner using the means that work best for my patients.

My staff is happy that they don’t have to do anything manually to make the system work and the support HourMine provides is extraordinary.

I just added a new location and they were able to get everything working right on time and with minimal demands on my time.

Dr. Rodriguez, Prodigy Chiro-Care & Spinal Rehab in Santa Monica

HOW DOES IT WORK? (and other questions...)

When are these messages sent? Do you send Texts? Phonecalls?

The messages are sent on a schedule that you govern according to your practice needs. Our system is totally flexible in terms of when and which reminders are sent.

We use mobile friendly emails, SMS (text) and RealVoice telephone calls (calls recorded by real people, not a computer spoken voice) in accordance with the patient preferences.

How does it Integrate?

We integrate by installing an in-practice software that is in constant communication with your Practice Management System (like ECLIPSE®). We analyze the appointment status and history and send out messages automatically as needed. No manual work is required to export/import appointment or contact data.

When do you send out Re-Activation messages?

We look at the appointment history and status of the patients.

First, We look at the patients who have not been in your practice for more than 6 months (BTW, this is customizable setting), then we look at their status.

Second, we look at their preferred communication method and send out the message. What's more we limit these to a couple of dozen messages a day so that your staff does not get a deluge of incoming calls.

How does the Missed Appointment notification work?

We look at the appointment status at the end of the day (or as the appointment time passes - you choose which one). Then we look at the various status flags in the sytem for the appointment

If the appointment is not marked as Completed, Deleted or Re-Scheduled, we do our processing and send out a notification using all the communication means available.

What about patient privacy? Is there an opt-out?

We do NOT share any patient or appointment information with the third party sites for marketing purposes.

We have a robust system of opt-out in place to not bother patients who do not want to recive communications from your practice.

What else does Hour:Mine do?

A glimpse of some of our features...

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