Hour:Mine connects your practice to clients through its Automated Online Services

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Online & Social

Be available 24 X 7 for your patients to connect with you. Easily engage with your clients via automated messages over Email, SMS or RealVoice calls. Gain recommendations and new clients through facebook

Reduce Costs

Integrated, automated notifications like Smart reminders, confirmations and notices reduce no-shows and save precious resources on manual calls. Online bookings reduce time spent on phone tags and increase convenience.

Be Secure & Private

Industry standard encryption, controlled data access policies, HIPAA compliance and a respectful privacy policy are just a few examples of the deeply ingrained philosophy of 'Responsible Privacy' in our solution.

Don't change a thing

Like sugar in milk, our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing Practice Management software and workflow. No need to migrate, re-train or disrupt. Just Extend and reach out to your patients via the Internet.

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  • "HourMine + ECLIPSE® = Best of both worlds"

    - Otto Krueger DC, ATC, LMT, Krueger Chiropractic


    "Our patients wanted to have the convenience of making their appointments at home/work where they have their calendars readily available or during our off hours. We needed an online service that would work with our existing practice management software.
    Hourmine was the answer to both. Now scheduling has become more convenient for both of us, patients and providers. The best of both worlds! "
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  • "HourMine Brings New Patients Every Week"

    - Dr. Brian Kerner DC, Kerner Chiropractic Center


    "HourMine syncs great with Eclipse and offers efficient services at a cost-effective price point. I have new patients booking every week through the online scheduling portal. People in San Francisco are very tech-savvy, and HourMine helps me integrate with their lifestyles through both the online booking system, and automated reminders going out to tablets and smartphones."

  • "HourMine Reminders pay for themselves MANY times over"

    - Dr. David Adler DC, Adler Family Chiropractic


    "I have had MANY situations where an e-mail reminder made it to a patient and they told me that they would have never remembered to come without it.. How much is that worth? Couple that with the ONLINE SCHEDULING.. patients LOVE when I get back to them near instantly from my phone or office PC.. without it.. perhaps it would be missed appointments. Bottom line.. your service pays for itself MANY times over."

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