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  • 1 provider
  • 5,000 email messages
  • 500 text messages
  • 200 phone calls

Small Practice



  • 2-5 providers
  • 10,000 email messages
  • 1,000 text messages
  • 500 phone calls

Medium Practice



  • 6-10 providers
  • 20,000 email messages
  • 2,000 text messages
  • 1,000 phone calls

Large Practice



  • 11-20 providers
  • unlimited email messages
  • 5,000 text messages
  • 2,500 phone calls

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Customer Testimonials

HourMine works great for my clinic. My patients love it, and I love checking my schedule in the morning to see how busy my day will be. It also allows me to communicate with my patients even when I am away from the office- being able to email and text them from wherever I am extends our personal relationship outside the clinic.

While about 30% of my patients book online, HourMine delivers a diverse set of reminder options to clients no matter how they booked their appointment, so the service covers everyone.

The HourMine customer service team is extremely fast, responsive, and great to work with

Dr. Angie Welikala
Customer Testimonials

I have had MANY situations where an e-mail reminder made it to a patient and they told me that they would have never remembered to come without it.. How much is that worth?

Couple that with the ONLINE SCHEDULING.. patients LOVE when I get back to them near instantly from my phone or office PC.. without it.. perhaps it would be missed appointments.

Bottom line.. your service pays for itself MANY times over.

Dr. David Adler
Customer Testimonials

HourMine offers me the complete peace of mind in making sure I reach my patients in a timely manner using the means that work best for my patients.

My staff is happy that they don’t have to do anything manually to make the system work and the support HourMine provides is extraordinary.

I just added a new location and they were able to get everything working right on time and with minimal demands on my time.

Dr. Rodriguez