Connect with patients using your own SMS Number

Text Messaging (SMS) done right

With the HourMine solution you do NOT need a cell phone for your business. Avoid all security and compliance headaches. Send AND Receive text messages from patients with awesome value added features like Trackability, Organizing, Archival, Patient Lookup and Smart Contextual Information.
SMS Done Right

Think of the possibilities


Fill Cancelled time slots efficiently, quickly

Send notices to patients about last minute openings and get confirmed bookings right away.

Instant leads from smartphone profiles

Include your SMS number on mobile web profiles to facilitate easy inbound patient communication.

Handle Re-Bookings, Re-Schedules efficiently

No need to spend multiple minutes on re-scheduling one patient. Efficient text messages can do it in 2 quick messages

Collect promotional opt-ins

Build your own SMS marketing lists with patient opt-ins. After all, SMS marketing is shown to be 4 times as effective as email marketing.

No need to get a cellphone for the office

Your dedicated SMS Number along with the HourMine software not only removes the need for a office cell phone, it actually gives a better solution.

Why use our SMS (Text Messaging) solution?

SMS is a great solution, we make it usable in a practice

People read it

Compared to emails, SMS have a much higher read rate (90% within first 5 mnutes) and much higher response rates. Our solution keeps track of delivery errors and prompts you to correct contact information where needed.

We use your computer as an SMS device

It's a simple efficient solution with no separate software to install and update. You can send and reply to text messages from within your HourMine software that is already integrated with your patient database.

It is always available

People have their phones with them all the time. Email has been taken over by spam and is generally neglected. Phone calls are too intrusive for busy professionals. SMS is the right balance between the two.

We provide Context and Patient Lookup

Because of our integration with your EHR, unlike a cell phone, our solution is able to provide you with useful contextual details on the sender. Full Name, other means of contact, recent/upcoming appointments and more.

Quick and Convenient

Because they are short and to the point, people are efficient in their SMS communication. This also shortens the response time and increases the likelihood of getting a response. The average response time for an SMS is 3 minutes.

We add security and archiving

Unlike a cell phone that can be lost or 'lost', the HourMine software uses windows security for access control. Unlike a cellphone, all communication is archived and available for later review.

Customer Testimonials

With the two way SMS, my staff can now easily and quickly find replacements for cancelled appointments. Re-scheduling is also quick and efficient compared to the amount of time they had to spend on the phone. It is a time saving tool for the patient and staff.

Most of my patients in the tech savvy Seattle area prefer to use text messaging and HourMine solution is perfect for that. In my experience, their customer service has been top-notch - fast, responsive, quite thorough and refreshingly attentive to my feedback I highly recommend.

Dr. Jerry Wang

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