Showcase of some of the main things we offer

Smart Messaging

Reminders, Confirmations, Recalls, Reviews, Missed visits

Flexible, programmable reminders with optional confirmation from patients. Automated messaging based on patient status to encourage timely re-bookings and better outcomes.

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Customizable Templates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Missed Appointments Notifications
  • ReActivation of dormant patients
  • Review Requests
  • Birthday Wishes
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Online & Mobile Scheduling


convert online visitors to booked patients right away. The real-time, accurate availability data goes way beyond the blind requests that other solutions provide.

  • Accurate, Real-time availability
  • Built-in Approval workflow
  • Integrate with your website, Facebook, Yelp etc.
  • Smartphone friendly too
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2-way SMS Messaging

SMS, SMS, Text Messaging

Keep with the times and use SMS to communicate with the patients. Receive and Reply to patient text messages on re-scheduling, contnuing care, monitoring etc.

  • Dedicated SMS Number for the office
  • Replaces the need for a business cell phone
  • Can be integrated with mobile profiles
  • Use for incoming messages from patients
  • Build your opt-in lists for marketing
  • Spanish language support
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Automated RealVoice Calls


Automated phone calls that sound like a real person (because they are recorded by professionals). Choose your own script and accent with the option of both English and Spanish.

  • Professionally recorded voice
  • Customized scripts and accent
  • Spanish language support
  • Customizable schedule (e.g. call after noon on weekends)
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Social Media Integration

social media, facebook, yelp

Facebook, Yelp integration for recommendations and online scheduling. The online scheduling and SMS Numbers can be integrated with the social media profiles to generate incoming client traffic

  • Easily capture social media recommendations, reviews
  • Online Scheduling straight from Facebook and Yelp
  • Reviews captured on Facebook, Google+ and Yelp
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Reports and Analytics

reports, analytics

Usage and trend reports on appointments, no-shows and patient patterns. All this data can help your practice determine how to plan its calendar and interactions with the patients.

  • Timely Reports at your fingertips
  • Analytics to help cut down no-shows
  • Analytics on patient engagement
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