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NEW: Combine Texting and Phone calls seamlessly. Add the new Unified Messaging system.

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Integrated with your existing systems


Because of integration, all messaging is automated, so no new burden on your practice. No manual tasks to run everyday. All incoming messaging is identified by patient and appointment context.

Strict HIPAA Compliance


Strict HIPAA compliance that respects privacy and protects sensitive data. All data is encrypted and all communications are over secure channels. We do not provide access to your data to third parties.

Full value for your investment

Great Support

All features are well thought out and constantly improved with practice feedback. Practices love that we pay close attention to their concerns and resolve them quickly

Feature Highlights

A well thought out suite of features that is constantly refined and improved with active feedback from the clients. We listen to you and act quickly. We don't build features to check boxes on a spec sheet, we build them to b e meaningful to your practice. Flexibility, customization and continuous refinement are the hallmark of every feature we provide.

Reminders and Confirmations

Automated messages to bring down no-shows and make upcoming visits more efficient.

Missed Appointment Notifications

Prevent patients from falling through and engage them to follow their treatment plan.

Feedback with Reviews & Surveys

Automated post visit follow up through private surveys or public reviews on social media

ReActivation and Recall

Keep in touch with patients over time and encourage them to re-book in the future.

Online & Mobile booking

Helps you acquire new patients quickly and encourages re-bookings from existing ones.

Social Media Integration

Tools to help your patients spread the good word about your practice on social media

2-way Text Messaging with SMS Number

Allow clients to communicate with you efficiently using text messaging (SMS)

No patient left behind

Automated RealVoice phone messages allow you to reach out to less tech savvy patients

What Doctors Say

Customer Testimonails

With the two way SMS, my staff can now easily and quickly find replacements for cancelled appointments. Re-scheduling is also quick and efficient compared to the amount of time they had to spend on the phone. It is a time saving tool for the patient and staff.

Most of my patients in the tech savvy Seattle area prefer to use text messaging and HourMine solution is perfect for that. In my experience, their customer service has been top-notch - fast, responsive, quite thorough and refreshingly attentive to my feedback I highly recommend.

Dr. Jerry Wang
Customer Testimonails

Our patients wanted to have the convenience of making their appointments at home/work where they have their calendars readily available or during our off hours. We needed an online service that would work with our existing practice management software. Hourmine was the answer to both. Now scheduling has become more convenient for both of us, patients and providers. The best of both worlds!

Dr. Otto Krueger
Customer Testimonails

HourMine syncs great with Eclipse and offers efficient services at a cost-effective price point. I have new patients booking every week through the online scheduling portal. People in San Francisco are very tech-savvy, and HourMine helps me integrate with their lifestyles through both the online booking system, and automated reminders going out to tablets and smartphones.

Dr. Brian Kerner
Customer Testimonails

I have had MANY situations where an e-mail reminder made it to a patient and they told me that they would have never remembered to come without it.. How much is that worth? Couple that with the ONLINE SCHEDULING.. patients LOVE when I get back to them near instantly from my phone or office PC.. without it.. perhaps it would be missed appointments. Bottom line.. your service pays for itself MANY times over.

Dr. David Adler
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