Unify your office phone with the HourMine Messaging System

HourMine Messaging System Now integrated with your Landline

With the HourMine Unified Messaging Solution all your communication tools come together in a Smart Messaging platform - your office phone, text messaging and email.
Handle all patient communication securely in one place - no more Post-it notes. Get Patient Identification and all relevant patient information before you answer the call. Process all your voice mails as text. Manage Patient calls, Voice mails, Texts, Reminders, Reviews all in one place, under one number.
Unfied Messaging Done Right

Think of the possibilities


Prioritize calls that are from patients

Weed out unimportant calls from non-patients. Prioritize patients that have an upcoming appointment

Book More appointments

Quite a few patients send in flexible appointment requests over the phone. Scan through them quickly in seconds

Handle Re-Bookings, Re-Schedules efficiently

All the patient communication is in one place. Texts, phone calls, transcribed voice mails. Respond to voice mails with texts. Respond to a text with a quick call.

Be flexible - monitor/respond Remotely, even after office hours

The HourMine notifier can be used securely from a home computer / windows tablet. Quickly scan through patient messages and respond in seconds. Support Remote work

Works with your existing Phone System

There is no need to disrupt anything. The HourMine system adds-on seamlessly and can be unplugged anytime with no impact on your office phone

Why use our Unified Messaging solution?

Patients switch between multiple modes of communication all the time - Emails, Texts, Phone Calls. Your office needs to communicate with them in the way they works for them

People use multiple means of communication

This is the age of smart communications. People use emails, texts and phone calls interchangeably, so it is important to support all of these. Patient may book an appointment online, call in about forms to be filled and then text to ask for directions

We integrate everything into one convenient interface

It's a simple efficient solution with no separate software to install and update. You can peruse the voice mails and reply to text messages from within your HourMine software that is already integrated with your patient database.

We provide a secure, robust and HIPAA compliant solution

Patient notes on Post-its can get lost and if they have PHI on them, securely disposing of them will be an additional burden. Everything is encrypted in transit and at rest with industry leading security, auditing and monitoring. Disaster Recovery is built-in.

We focus on Patient Centric services

Because of our integration with your EHR, unlike a cell phone, our solution is able to provide you with useful contextual details on the sender. Full Name, other means of contact, recent/upcoming appointments and more.

We also focus on Practice Productivity

Because we work closely with our clients, we take time to understand the pain points and solve for efficiency. Quick Paste templates, threaded conversations and quick search features are some of the key ways we optimize your day and allow you to focus on patient care.

We are optimally priced

Unlike most companies that spend a majority of their revenue on Sales and Marketing, we invest mostly in product development. and rely on the product strength to sell it. This allows us to price our offering that works great for small practices and only grows with practice growth.

Customer Testimonials

HourMine is the best thing I did for my practice. My patient appointments are up 20% even with limited staff because it is so convenient now to book - online, mobile and now even by just leaving a voice mail that I can scan quickly as a text.

Dr. Steven Krauza

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